Moving my blog from to

My initial skeptical impressions of the move is that it would go fairly smoothly, I knew there would be some problems along the way, there always is when under taking something like this.

I am going to assume during this post that you are able and aware of how to setup WordPress on your own web hosting package and that you have a technical ability to complete what I am going to go through. If you do have any problems understanding anything please drop me an email and I will do my best to help.

There are some resources worth looking at before going through moving your blog below:

1. WordPress » Domain Mapping » Redirecting Your Blog Here.

2. WordPress » Domain Mapping » Map an Existing Domain Here.

3. » Here.

These 3 resources alone will get you through making the move; these are the resources I used during my move.

First thing I did was setup a sub domain on my new domain and then setup WordPress on it for testing purposes. As I had already been using my new domain name I wasn’t able to test directly on the new domain. Continue reading