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Mailbag 4th January 2011

  • Network Dropping During Backup
  • EX495 Running Slow & Hot
  • What next for Vail?
  • HP X510 Health Indicator Doesn’t Alert

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Happy New Year everyone I hope you have all had a good Christmas. There has been many questions posted over the holidays, unfortunately I haven’t been able to answer anywhere near as many as I would have liked, so as usual if I haven’t managed to answer your questions please post in the forum and we can get them answered for you.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) starts this week I am really looking forward to it, I am eagerly awaiting big announcements from Microsoft about Vail and I am sure the Drive Extender fiasco will be brought up at some point during the 4 day event, I will bring any news straight to the site as soon as I know anything. Continue reading