Exchange Server 2003 SP2 – 75GB Limit Increase – Event ID 1216, 1217, 9688, 1221, 9689, 9690

Exchange 2003 SP2 Database Improvements

I guess most people would state that the main new features of Exchange 2003 SP2 are the improvements to mobility services, although the increase in database storage size up to 75GB has certainly grabbed most people’s attention. There are many other things to know regarding the database improvements within Exchange 2003 SP2 so I decided to have a closer look.

Goodbye 16GB
As I’m sure you are all aware, prior to Exchange 2003 SP2, the maximum permitted size of a single database on the Standard Edition of Exchange was 16GB. Furthermore, I’m sure you are all aware that Exchange 2003 SP2 brings with it the ability for the Standard Edition to have databases up to 75GB. Now that’s twice I’ve written ‘up to 75GB’. Why? Well, if you apply Exchange 2003 SP2 to your Standard Edition server, the database size limit is initially increased to 18GB. Whilst you can go on to change this figure to a value up to 75GB, it’s important to note that 18GB is the default setting.

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