Small Business Server 2003 Lost/Missing/Disappeared CAL’s

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If you still have the old server’s backup and you can get at the C:\windows\system32 folder, you “might” be able to restore the Service, rename “ in the system32 folder, copy “” to Service and look in the Server Management Console to see if the licenses have been restored.  If so, back those extra CALs up immediately with the licensing wizard and put the backup file in a safe place under lock and key.

As for why the licenses have disappeared make sure your antivirus software on the Small Business Server 2003 is not scanning the licensing files/folders:

The licensing files are located at:

Files and Folders to exclude from AV scanning both real-time and scheduled (assuming all programs are installed to the C: drive)

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business
Server\Networking\POP3\Incoming mail
C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr
C:\Program Files\Trend  (substitute your AV program)
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro  (substitute your AV program)


Office Outlook 2003: Can’t run due to MAPI32.DLL corrupt or wrong version!

Firstly: If you have both Office 2007 and 2003 installed make sure that Outlook 2003 has been un-installed. I have seen both Outlook 2003 and 2007 installed at the same time this usually occurs when Office 2007 comes pre-installed and then you install Office 2003 additionally. If this scenario does occur then both Office 2007 and 2003 need Outlook to be un-installed and then the relevant one being re-installed.

Secondly: If you receive a message that you are using the wrong version of mapi32.dll or that the file is corrupted, you might have installed other messaging software after you installed Microsoft Outlook.

When you see this type of message, you can fix it by running a program in the Microsoft Windows System folder.

To run the program to fix this problem, in C:\winnt\system32 or C:\windows\system32, double-click Fixmapi.exe.

Thirdly: you can try renaming MAPI32.DLL to MAPI32.old and then opening outlook, it may ask for the Office disk when opening outlook so be aware you may need this.

Anyone of these 3 options should resolve this problem.

Server 2003 WAN & LAN Change

When changing the LAN NIC to the WAN NIC and a DHCP server had previously been enabled on that card, even after configuring the LAN properties  of both WAN & LAN you then need to run the configure server IP from the server management console in Internet and Email.

This will then configure the registry for the change of IP’s on both the WAN and LAN. At the end of the server IP change it will offer you the chance to run Routing and Remote Access wizard this has to be run in order to supply internet to the workstations.

Microsoft Word 2007, 2003, XP Application Hang Event ID: 1000, 1001 & 1002

I have recently been getting application hang in word 2007 with the below event logs:

Faulting application winword.exe, version 12.0.6211.1000, stamp 46d4a7df, faulting module unknown, version, stamp 00000000, debug? 0, fault address 0x00000000.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

Hanging application WINWORD.EXE, version 12.0.6211.1000, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

I was completely unable to use word at all and this problem had occurred just after installing Service Pack 1 for office 2007 enterprise edition.

I went through an office repair which did nothing for me, I re-installed the word which also did nothing, I then even went for re-installing office as whole and still got nothing and also holding shift when launching word into safe mode also did nothing for me.

So after struggling for over a week to find out why I was getting this problem I noticed when launching word I get a message in the bottom left corner flashing every 10 – 15 seconds saying:

Connecting to printer, press ESC to cancel

I have since found out that word is trying to connect to my default printer. At this point press ESC and waiting a few seconds word then just bursts into life, at this point though when trying to print anything my default printer is now missing from the drop down list.

Closing word and going to Start >> Printer and fax’s and removing my default printer and then re-adding the printer back in to printers and fax’s. Now I can open up word and everything is now working fine.

I looked on my forums while getting this problem and not one of them mention anything about this problem I have been getting, I have been getting the error under office 2007 so I am intrigued to know whether this affects any other versions of word.

Any questions about the above please email me.