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  1. Hello, I was reading your comment on the Error message: Error 1310, that some people are receiving when trying to download Office 2007, and that the issue with them is having Carbonite. However, I don’t have Carbonite. I am not sure what the issue is.

    Could you help me? Thanks!


  2. My apologies about my late response, have you got any virtual drives installed or any other online backup software such as IDrive?

  3. I’ve been hit by the same problem of the printer holding up operations:

    The environment: I have a laptop with Vista Home. I have a wireless connection through the broadband modem-cum-wifi-router, to my Desktop machine that runs WinXP prof. My HP printer is connected to this Desktop using USB. The modem-cum-wifi-router is connected to the desktop using ethernet cable.

    From the laptop, when I want to print from Word (or for that matter, even from Acrobat Reader or Notepad!), the Print dialog screen comes up slowly and responds even more slowly – 5 minutes is common. And the printout comes within the next 5 or 10 minutes.

    I’ve seen many posts on this matter, but no real solution. Here’s what I believe is an observation that could help:

    When I turn off the wifi on the laptop, and connect to the desktop using ethernet (I have enough of those ports on the desktop!), things work absolutely fine. The “Connecting to Printer… Press Esc to Cancel.” never appears. The print dialog screens come up immediately, and the printout is available in seconds.

    By the way, I have disabled the Windows firewall on both machines, and have Zonealarm on both. Stopping the firewall did not help solve the problem. But changing to a wired network did. I now have to figure out why the wireless network makes things difficult.

    Anyone with tips?

    Thanks for letting me share my experiences!


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