Mailbag – October 3rd 2010

How to delete windows.old folder?

People have been asking me, how can I delete the Windows.old folder in my C: drive after upgrading Windows?

A lot of people try and just right click and delete but this will only present you with aces denied issues. Well the best way to delete this folder is to use Disk Clean-up Tool by doing the following:

1. Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disc Cleanup

2. When the dialog box comes up, select the drive that has the .old files on it and click OK

3. The system then scans for the files to be cleaned up and another dialog box opens with the selection.  Click on the button labelled Clean up system files at the bottom of that dialog box.

4. Another dialog box will come up, select the drive again that has the .old files on it.  The system will perform another scan for the system files that need to be cleaned up.

5. After scanning, another dialog box opens up and there you will find a list of check boxes.  Scroll through and check on the box labelled older versions of Windows and click OK.

Disk Cleanup

It will take about 10 – 20 minutes dependent on how big the folder is, but essentially that’s all you have to do.

Slipstreaming SATA driver into WinXp boot cd using nLite


A) If you don’t have Floppy Disk Drive especially on a notebook. You still can install Win Xp but you need to read the "Slipstreaming SATA driver into WinXp boot cd using nLite".
B) If you have an empty partition for WinXp installation, proceed to "WinXp Installation"

Materials needed:

1) nLite(download here), a free tool to help you slipstreaming(integrate) your SATA drivers into WinXp installation disk.
2) Extracted SATA drivers(if you are using Intel chipset Intel 82801GR/GH, 631xESB/632xESB, 82801GHM, ICH8R/ICH9R, 82801HEM SATA RAID Controller, get the drivers from here)


1) Get your Windows XP installation disk and copy the contents to a new folder(I named it "WinXp").
2) Extract the SATA drivers you downloaded into a folder, namely "Floppy 32Bit".
3) Run nLite->choose "Next".

4) Now, locate the Windows folder(for me, it’s "WinXp").

5) Next again and you will come to "Presets". Ignore this by choosing "Next" again.

6) In "Task Selection", choose "Drivers" and "Bootable ISO" by high-lighting them.

7) Choose "Insert"->"Single driver"

8) Browse to the SATA driver folder(I named it "Floppy 32Bit") and select either one of the .INF file, I choose "iaahci.inf".

9) A screen like below will pop-up, make sure it’s "Textmode driver" and select all of them by holding CTRL+A key and choose "OK"

10) You shall see something like this. Choose "Next" and you will be prompted.

11) Choose "Yes" to start the process.

12) Let it finish and choose "Next".

13) Finally, you can create your project as ISO image or burn it directly to CD-R under "Mode". I choose "Direct Burn". You can put anything for "Label" but not too long. Choose "Burn" and you will be prompted again.

14) Choose "Yes" to burn it to CD-R. Wait for it to finish and choose "Next"

15) Choose "Finish" to exit nLite.

Proceed to?
If you have an empty partition for WinXp installation, proceed to "WinXp Installation"