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Mailbag 30th November 2010

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Drive Extender Removed From Vail

Unsurprisingly the biggest talking point this week has been Drive Extender, to hear that it was being removed from the upcoming Vail release was gutting, I am really not sure what Microsoft are thinking about by removing such a massive and popular feature from the final release.

In response to the madness, there are a few developers out there that are trying to develop their own drive extender, in the form of an addin, this looks promising and is going to be based on FlexRAID, when I know more I will let everyone know.

As far as I am concerned if the FlexRAID addin comes through, then Windows Home Server will go on, but I don’t think it will ever become a successful mainstream product whilst popular features get cut from each new version. We have to remember Microsoft aren’t replacing this feature with something else bigger and better, and in my view will be offering poor value for money when Vail does finally get released, as they haven’t improved Vail enough from WHS v1 to really warrant an upgrad with such a massive feature missing.

The out pouring from the Windows Home Server community has been unprecedented, and has certainly caught Microsoft off guard, Terry Walsh @ WeGotServed has written to Steve Ballmer personally, whether this will have any bearing on the final decision, which seems to have already been made, remains to be seen. It’s now left with Microsoft to stick or twist.

Let me know what you think of Drive Extender being removed from Windows Home Server in our forum. Continue reading

Mailbag 1st November 2010

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Missing Sound Drivers

Careless Asks:

My friend has a Toshiba Laptop and the sound driver has disappeared it gave a message of ”No Audio Output Device is installed”, I used to download ”Uniblue” the software which allows us to download the missing device drivers but this time it doesn’t work . .

I get these same problems a lot with branded computers as some of the hardware in them requires specific drivers that can only be obtained from the manufacturers themselves, worry not these drivers are almost always on their website. Try going to Toshibas support site here or go to, once there you will be able to enter your laptop model number, then you will be presented with all the available drivers for your laptop model including the audio drivers.