FileZilla FTP Server on WHS

Creating an FTP server on your Windows Home Server can prove to be very advantageous.  There are many times when using the web interface just doesn’t seem practical.  Also, you are no longer limited to how many people have the ability to upload and download from your WHS.

Having an FTP server on WHS can also allow synchronisation of files between off site computers and WHS while giving greater flexibility. I am personally displeased with the lack of a download monitor for WHS while using the web page and therefore the setup of an FTP was necessary for me.

First, I chose FileZilla because it is simple to setup, easy to maintain, and FREE.  There is also more security in FileZilla than the included (but not installed) IIS FTP server. FileZilla supports FTP as well as FTPS using Explicit SSL/TLS.  I am not going to explain setting up the latter, but the simpler FTP.

All work will be done from the WHS desktop. So initiate a Remote Desktop Connection to your server to being working.

  1. Download FileZilla FTP Server: Click Here to Visit Download Page
  2. Install with ALL of the Default Options
  3. Create a directory in the root of your C drive called FTPUsers

After the install has completed, the installation will execute the Connect to Server application.  You have not currently set an administrative password so simply pressing OK will take you to the FileZilla Interface.


To start the process of configuring your FTP server click the Edit option on the upper menu and select Settings.

In the tree on the left, select Passive Mode Settings

  1. Select the Radio button for “Use the Following IP” and populate the field with your WHS given URL. (be sure not to include http or https in the url –
  2. Check the box for “Use Custom Port Range” and use the following port range 50000 – 50100 (ignore picture below)
  3. Press OK and the settings will be applied


After applying the simple settings for getting your FTP up and running it is time to create a group to add your FTP users too.  I usually create a group for family and a group for friends.  The family group is allowed to write, create, delete, etc. and the friends group is simply allowed to read. To accomplish this, click on the Edit option in the main FileZilla Console and choose the option for groups.

  1. Select General from the left side menu.
  2. Press add on the right side to create a group and title it whatever you want.


How To Use RSS Feed as Theme Picture Background Slideshow Source in Windows 7

You may already know you can select a bunch of pictures to cycle through as a slideshow in Windows 7 theme, but what you may not know is you can also utilize the power of RSS feeds too.

It is a documented but not well-known feature in Windows 7 theme that provide the ability to specify a RSS feed as the source of slideshow images. However, due to the limitation of the RSS feed use in Windows RSS Platform, you can’t easily specify a RSS Feed inside the Control Panel Personalization window. It must be created manually. Here is how.

Step 1, create or modify the theme pack file

The easiest way is to find an existing theme file, make change to it, and save as a new theme file.

The system default themes are located in


And the user customized themes are stored in


Open the .theme file in notepad or any text editor, and locate to the section, and change the content as following.


Save as the theme file to your desktop. And make sure  .theme as the file extension name.

Note that this theme will pull the images from Bing as the source of slideshow pictures.

Step 2: Activate the theme you just made

Double-click the theme file you just made to set it as your visual theme. If this is the first time you subscribe this feed, the following window will pop up asking


Make sure you click the first option “Download Attachments”, and then the new created the theme will show up in Personalization window. To activate it, just simply click it.


A couple of notes

1. The feed specified in the theme file will be subscribed through Internet Explorer, you can check and change the feed properties from the Feeds panel in Favourites.


For example, the default frequency of update to the feed is set to 1 day, you can change it from the Feed Properties window.


2. As noted above, in order to get the feed to work, images inside the feeds must be adhering as an enclosure item in the feed. Therefore, unfortunately, not every feed can be used as the source of slideshow images.

Some good resources to use

Other than Bing:, Flickr will a very good resource to use, as their feeds to different set or users pictures are Windows RSS Platform compliant.

Direct Download Links for Microsoft Office 2007 Suites and Applications

When you try to download any suite, application or edition release Microsoft Office 2007 retail products or Office 2K7 Enterprise edition installer setup file online, you will need to login with your Windows Live ID or Microsoft Passport account, and/or have to fill up profile information such as name, contact address, email address, phone number, company name and other personal details. However, all this order and checkout process to download the setup binaries of Office 2007 is just the requirement to obtain a free trial product key which valid for 60 days to evaluate Office 2007 program that has been downloaded.

If you just need the full standalone setup installer for Microsoft Office 2007 suites such as Office 2007 Enterprise and Office 2007 Professional, or redistributable setup package for individual Microsoft Office 2007 applications such as Office Groove 2007, Office OneNote 2007, Office Publisher 2007 and Office Visio 2007, and do not need the free-of-charge evaluation license or product key, you can skip the sign up step and download directly from Microsoft the full setup files which will install complete features and functionalities that the genuine perpetual purchased versions will get, if you can provide the installed Office program a genuine and legal product key and successfully activate it.

Office 2007 Direct Download Link:

Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007
Microsoft Office Professional 2007
Microsoft Office Small Business 2007
Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007
Microsoft Office Standard 2007
Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007
Microsoft Office Groove 2007
Microsoft Office OneNote 2007
Microsoft Office Publisher 2007
Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007

If you own volume license agreement and VLK, you can download Office 2007 from Microsoft Volume Licensing Services site.