How to configure Exchange to accept email for a second email domain

If you ever need to allow exchange to accept email for a second domain (or for multiple domains) the procedure is as follows:

  1. Start Exchange System Manager
  2. Expand Recipients and select “Recipient Policies”
    • It is the recipient policy that defines the default SMTP addresses to use when creating an account.
    • There will only be one policy unless you have created additional ones.
  3. Open the default policy (or the relevant policy if you have defined additional ones).
  4. Select the “E-Mail Addresses (Policy)” tab.
  5. Click [New…] and select “SMTP Address”
  6. In the “SMTP Address Properties” dialog enter “@<new-domain>” (where <new-domain> is the new domain for which you want to be able to receive email).
  7. Click [OK]
  8. Tick the check-box next to the domain in the list to activate it.
    You will then be asked whether you wish to apply the changes to all recipients. This is asking whether Exchange should automatically generate an email address for each exchange account for this new email domain. Select Yes. (If you select No then you will need to manually add email to each account 
  9. Click [OK] to close the recipient policies dialog.

The above handles the configuration at the Exchange server. In addition to this, remember to ensure that the MX record for the domain points to your server – this needs to be done via the company dealing with your domain name registration.

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