Acer Aspire One 150 ab PART 1

Ok so I have given in to temptation and finally bought a Netbook I have gone for the Acer One 150 AB, bought from

It is actually advertised as a 120 GB HDD but after removing from the box I found it to be a 160 GB HDD a welcomed surprise.

I have also bought 1 GB RAM to upgrade to its maximum amount of ram I bought this from, and once received I had to fit it. This you would have thought would be very easy like most normal laptops, but after removing the only cover on the bottom (which looked like the only likely option) turned out to be just an empty space.

I then googled my problem, to my delight I found a guide, to my disappointment it looked horrible, the only thing I wouldn’t have to remove was the screen.

Here is where the guide is, and below is the full guide I had to modify it so as I had the HDD version and the guide is shown using the SSD version.

How to add RAM to the Acer Aspire One netbook

The Acer Aspire One netbook. It’s inexpensive, it’s tiny, and the base-level version only comes with 512MB of RAM. I cracked open the case, voided the warranty, and added an extra gigabyte. Watch the above video to see how. More details after the jump.

Tools Needed

  • Small Philips screwdriver
  • Two small flathead screwdrivers (or something similar) to get at the keyboard
  • 512MB or 1GB stick of RAM. For best results, use PC2-5300 RAM.
  • Time, patience, and a blatant disregard for your warranty

Step One

Remove the battery and the following eight screws. Two of them are hidden under the rubber feet.


Step Two

Use a flat object (like a flathead screwdriver) to push each of the three tabs toward the screen while using another flat object to gently pry the keyboard upwards.


Step Three

Disconnect the keyboard and trackpad ribbons, followed by the following six screws.


Step Four

Unscrew the two screws near the Wi-Fi module, unplug the audio cable, and disconnect the SSD ribbon. The RAM slot is on the underside of the motherboard in the lower left-hand corner. Carefully lift the board up and insert the RAM.

acer4 acer5

Step Five

Reassemble the computer and tap F2 while it’s booting to enter the BIOS. Under the “Main” tab, make sure your total memory is 1,536 megabytes. That’s it!


Tip of the hat to and its forums. I got a lot of the info for this project from over there. It’s a great resource for Aspire One owners.

Windows 7 

Ok so my next challenge was to remove the Linux OS and replace it with the nice new Windows 7 Beta. To do this I copied all the installation files from the Windows 7 ISO to my removable Hard Drive and the marked the drive as active. Having done this it would allow me to then boot from the drive once I had selected in the bios to boot from the removable hard drive.

Ok so now I have booted from the Removable Hard Drive I can now install windows 7 as normal, although halfway through the install once it has copied the files to the Acer’s hard drive and done the normal reboot during installation you will need to remove the removable hard drive as the Acer will want to keep booting from as it is now an active drive.

Once the installation has completed you should now be left with Windows 7 installed and all drivers was completely installed already for me, so no having to look round to make things work.

First Impressions

My first impressions are good it seem like it is fast which is a pleasant surprise as I wasn’t expecting it to be very fast with what I was considering a heavy OS I will let you know more in a couple of weeks.


3 thoughts on “Acer Aspire One 150 ab PART 1

  1. Acer Aspire One AOD150-1165
    I was looking for a compact laptop that I could use between home and work and also take on my frequent road trips to visit my family. My biggest gripe about laptops in the past has been the short battery life, so I was very pleased when my Acer came from Amazon yesterday (April 9th) with the 5800mAh battery. I don’t know about speed with the standard 1GB memory because I replaced mine with 2GB (so easy a caveman can do it) before I ever turned it on. But it boots up fast and is surprisingly quick. I love the size. It fits perfectly in my leather notebook. I touch type and while the keyboard is a little small it is very easy to get used to. Like some have reported, the touchpad buttons are a little stiff but they have a positive feel to them. It’s a non-issue with me because I hate touchpads in general and use them only in a pinch. I found a nice little Logitech USB mouse for about $19 that’s even a perfectly matching cobalt blue. The first option you will need for most any of these netbooks is a good USB DVD burner to load your software and make backup emergency disks. I bought one just before I bought the netbook. The 10″ display is bright and extremely sharp. The setup was simple I was up and running on my wireless network in less than 5 minutes. Most of my time was spent removing bloatware and building emergency recovery disks. This is really a great little computer with a solid feel and very attractive to look at. At the price you cannot beat this little netbook.

  2. Acer Aspire One AOD250-1165
    This model is fairly new. So it has the usual features, i.e. built in wi-fi, camera, 160 GB drive, etc, etc. This is the 3 hr battery model. I have no idea where Amazon gets their tech specs. We just bought this and the manual states that it comes with 1 GB of RAM, and is upgradeable to 2 GB. It recognized 4 wireless connections in my area the instant it was powered on. So far it’s great for what it was bought for, the internet, small low demand games, music, simple word processing…

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