Add All Regional Themes To Windows 7

Windows 7 ships with regional themes depending on the language of the operating system. The English edition of Windows 7 ships with regional themes for the United States and Great Britain (among others) while the German version will ship with German themes. While it is without difficulties possible to switch to another theme that is included in Windows 7 it is obviously not possible to switch to a theme that has been created for a different language.

A user with an English version of Windows 7 will not find German or Japanese themes included in his operating system. But, there is always a way, is not it?

Before you can activate the missing Windows 7 themes you need to download and move them to the appropriate folder. Below are the download links for all available Windows 7 themes of this Beta:

Australia, Canada, South Africa



United Kingdom

United States

Download and unpack the themes to your computer. Now move them into the C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT folder if Windows has been installed on drive C.

The folder might be hidden as it is a system folder. You can unhide the folder by clicking on Organize > Folder and Search options in Windows Explorer.

Switch there to the View tab and and activate “Show hidden files, folders and drives” and disable “Hide protected operating system files”.

Once the new theme folders have been moved to the right folder they can be activated by switching to the appropriate MCT-XX/Theme/ directory and double-clicking on the theme file that is located in that folder.

This will add the theme to the Windows themes (as opposed to My themes)

windows7 themes1

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