How To Get A Windows 7 Beta Key Right Now

The official sites are not displaying links to download the Windows 7 Beta anymore. They tell the users that the beta release has been postponed because of the high demand. The interesting thing though is that the servers that are distributing the keys are still online and that keys are still handed out. The problem is that those servers are not used to the amount of traffic that they are currently receiving and that an error message will be shown most of the time before a valid Windows 7 Beta product key will be displayed. Here is what you need to do:

Download and Install the Firefox add-on Check For Change. The add-on can be used to refresh a website in a specified interval. It will stop that if the selected display on the website changes.

Sign In on the Microsoft Technet Website. If you do not sign in you will be redirected if you try to open one of the following two urls: (copy and paste the links, do not click on them)



You will most likely see Error: The site is currently experiencing technical difficulties, please check back in the next business day.

Select the text, right-click and chose Check4Change, Check every 15 seconds.

The Firefox add-on willl automatically refresh the website every 15 seconds. It will stop doing so once the display on the website changes. You could do this manually but some users mentioned that they refreshed the website for hours before receiving a product key.

Please note that the product keys can be used on either version of Windows 7. If you got a 64-bit key you can use it to activate a 32-bit version and vice verse.

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