Microsoft Word 2007, 2003, XP Application Hang Event ID: 1000, 1001 & 1002

I have recently been getting application hang in word 2007 with the below event logs:

Faulting application winword.exe, version 12.0.6211.1000, stamp 46d4a7df, faulting module unknown, version, stamp 00000000, debug? 0, fault address 0x00000000.

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Hanging application WINWORD.EXE, version 12.0.6211.1000, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.

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I was completely unable to use word at all and this problem had occurred just after installing Service Pack 1 for office 2007 enterprise edition.

I went through an office repair which did nothing for me, I re-installed the word which also did nothing, I then even went for re-installing office as whole and still got nothing and also holding shift when launching word into safe mode also did nothing for me.

So after struggling for over a week to find out why I was getting this problem I noticed when launching word I get a message in the bottom left corner flashing every 10 – 15 seconds saying:

Connecting to printer, press ESC to cancel

I have since found out that word is trying to connect to my default printer. At this point press ESC and waiting a few seconds word then just bursts into life, at this point though when trying to print anything my default printer is now missing from the drop down list.

Closing word and going to Start >> Printer and fax’s and removing my default printer and then re-adding the printer back in to printers and fax’s. Now I can open up word and everything is now working fine.

I looked on my forums while getting this problem and not one of them mention anything about this problem I have been getting, I have been getting the error under office 2007 so I am intrigued to know whether this affects any other versions of word.

Any questions about the above please email me.

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  1. I had a similar problem with a Dell laptop running Word 2007 and Windows XP (Home). Word opened OK, but when trying to create a Table of Contents or adding Headers/Footers, Word would Hang (Not responding). I did all the debugs – service Pack 1, Word Update, etc, to no avail. I then checked my printers, and for some reason the default printer was set to some Kodak color printer, which of course was not connected. I deleted that printer, as well as all the others that had been set up, and voila!, everything worked fine. I could not find anything on any of the forums that mentioned that, except this one here, so I’m grateful. And of course Microsoftie Word gave no warning or any indication it was looking for a printer. I keep wondering why we subject ourselves to such torture with MS software.

      • I had a similar problem. My word wont open with the network cable connected. If i remove the cable and then open word, it worked fine and after that i could connect the cable, with no issues.
        I just figured that, the default network printer was broken. so i just deleted that and restarted word. Now it works OK.
        But dont know why word doesn’t give any message or warning.

  2. I’ve been hit by the same problem of the printer holding up operations:

    The environment: I have a laptop with Vista Home. I have a wireless connection through the broadband modem-cum-wifi-router, to my Desktop machine that runs WinXP prof. My HP printer is connected to this Desktop using USB. The modem-cum-wifi-router is connected to the desktop using ethernet cable.

    From the laptop, when I want to print from Word (or for that matter, even from Acrobat Reader or Notepad!), the Print dialog screen comes up slowly and responds even more slowly – 5 minutes is common. And the printout comes within the next 5 or 10 minutes.

    I’ve seen many posts on this matter, but no real solution. Here’s what I believe is an observation that could help:

    When I turn off the wifi on the laptop, and connect to the desktop using ethernet (I have enough of those ports on the desktop!), things work absolutely fine. The “Connecting to Printer… Press Esc to Cancel.” never appears. The print dialog screens come up immediately, and the printout is available in seconds.

    By the way, I have disabled the Windows firewall on both machines, and have Zonealarm on both. Stopping the firewall did not help solve the problem. But changing to a wired network did. I now have to figure out why the wireless network makes things difficult.

    Anyone with tips?

    Thanks for letting me share my experiences!


  3. Yep. I was about to uninstall Office 2007 after all of this kept happening to me…but the deal is that you cannot have a networked printer set up as default. It will hang every time if you do or you will sometimes even get errors. Eventually your doc will appear but it’s a toss of the coin. Trick is to change to a Local Printer of the same type as the one networked. Most networked printers seem to set up a Local and Network version on Vista. Once I selected the local one vs. the networked one, all problems immediately disappeared and Word opens old and new .docx files super fast!

  4. I have this problem as well. And setting to a local printer does “solve” the problem. However, I have been running Office 2007 on a Dell Vista laptop for 4 months actively with the same default printer (printer attached to an XP Desktop). Often I’m not on the same network where the printer is. I have had no problems unil, all of a sudden today, 4/14/08, this problem began occuring. This occurred in the middle of the day after working with Word successfully all day long. Suspect there is more to this.

  5. I’ll add my situation to the growing list. I think MS must have screwed something up with one of their latest updates. My equipement = Gateway laptop, Linksys router, HP LaserJed networked printer. Running Office 2007 and Vista. Printer is attached to a Vista desktop.

    A few more symptoms affecting me – I cannot even delete or communicate with the default printer from the laptop any more – not even from the Control Panel.

    Hope they figure this out and release a patch soon.

    Stephen Alex – I’m not following your comments about selecting a “…Local printer of the same type as the one Networked.” I have no printers attached to my laptop, thus no “Local Printers”, as I understand the term. What am I missing?

  6. I appear to have a similar problem – may be related? I’m running an IBM T43p laptop and XP Pro SP3 – installed Office Enterprise 2007 a week ago and all fine until I ‘updated’ Office with SP1!!! Now I start Word, the document eventually opens, try and modify and…… nothing. Word hangs until killed via Task Manager.

    I also have a default networked printer installed so tried the ‘fix’ mentioned above – i.e., press ‘esc’, etc., although “Connecting to Printer, Press Esc to Cancel” has never appeared. This seemed to work….. for a while. Then changed the default printer to Microsoft XPS Document Writer as I do not have a local printer installed. Word appeared to work ok and all seemed fine until I changed the default back to the networked printer…… the rest is history. Hung until killed via Task Manager again.

    Other than the suggestions in this post I can’t find a fix anywhere. Surely after so long Microsoft must be aware of this little ‘issuette’?!!

  7. I have the same problem, or rather one of the end users I support does. We are all running Windows XP SP2 and he recently was upgraded to Office 2007 with SP1. If he tries to paste in info, change page layout, that kind of things, it always tries to connect to the printer. It is a network printer and no one else is having this problem. He is connecting to the correct print server. And he is on a relatively new Dell Desktop (Optiplex 745 about 6 months old). Other suggestions?

    • found two work arounds. First change the default printer to the local Image writer. When you do that word works fast with no problems. Second thing if you have adobe or adobe pro installed on your computer go into the settings and remove the add-ons within word that also seemed to fix the problem. Hope that helps you.

  8. I had the same kind of problem when opening .doc word document with Office 2007.
    I get the message:
    Contacting \\usrco\dsk2\people\phil…for information.Press ESC to continue.
    Note well that the “…” are as such in message, My windows is very large but as offen Office abbreviates error messages.

    If I wait several minutes, the documetn will finally open. It smells some time-out wait…

    \\usrco\dsk2 was a shared point onr our network but is not available any more.
    Finally the problem was due to a reference to a template \\usrco\dsk2\people\phil\dir\

    To see this reference and remove it in word 97.
    word options -> add-ins -> select Templates in manage listbox -> GO… tab templates.

    Thank-you to Michael Nikolov for his help.
    Good luck

  9. Hi, I just facing a very similar problem after I have changed my printer environment. My Lexmark Optra S 1250 printer has got a parallel port and a LAN port. After I had to change my old router with an internal print server on parallel out I now have the printer installed via LAN directly to the new router.
    When the network printer is switched off all kind of applications such as Word or Open Office, etc. hanging or freezing when the new network printer was defined as default printer.
    As a workaround I have defined another local printer as default printer. This seemed to help but after I had printed a document with the network printer and saved it, the application hangs when I am trying to re-open this saved document while the network printer is offline.
    I have searched the web but so far didn’t find a solution for that. I am wondering why the network attachment makes this difference. Word or other apps. simply do not care if the defined default local printer is switched on, off or if it is present at all.

  10. Thank God!!! For mentioning this. I was really mad looking at all the possibilities. Its bee 8 continuous hours that I tried to debug the problem. Just removing the printer worked with me. Thank you very much for sharing.

  11. Thank you for the default printer suggestion.
    I have a paper due in a few hours, and was wondering why Word kept crashing. We has a networked printer at home, so it’s been a bit of a hit or miss.

    This is apparently the only information on the problem I can find on the web. Thanks again!

  12. I had the same problem – word 2007 was crashed with error ID: 1000
    You have to uninstall all programs that put there add-ons to word2007 or disable add-ons in word2007.

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