Error 1310. Error writing to file c:\config.msi\XXXX.rbf

This problem has been occurring when installing office 2007 on a fresh install of Vista 32bit, after looking around many forums the issue seems to lie with Carbonite. Disabling Carbonite and then restarting the install will fix this problem; due to this issue I have now removed Carbonite from my machine. Also after removing Carbonite from my machine I was then able to install Adobe Master Collection on the machine without any problems.

If anybody is getting similar issues but doesn’t have Carbonite installed please email me.

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  1. Thanks for this hint. I have Carbonite and had a heck of a time trying to install programs (SPSS and iTunes updates) and never connected the two. I disables Carbonite and voila!

  2. Holy cow — I’ve had all sorts of these types of errors, and never EVER drew a correlation with Carbonite.

    The latest problem was trying to apply updates to my brand-new TaxCut 2007 program. You can’t file until updates are applied — and every time I’d try to apply the updates from H&R Block, they’d get to the end and then “roll back” the progress bar, essentially doing nothing. I was stuck in a loop for hours, thinking updates were being installed, but they weren’t. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    I disabled Carbonite long enough to do the install again after reading this forum, and — BAM! It worked perfectly on the first try.

    I think I’ve seen the end of the 1310 and .rbf errors now that I know the secret.

    Thanks!!! You’ve just saved me many future hours of grief, wondering how my permissions might be screwed up on Vista when in fact it’s Carbonite doing its voodoo.

    I love Carbonite in every other way, however.

  3. this worked for me:

    Unregister and reregister Windows Installer. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Click Start, and then click Run.
    2. In the Open box, type msiexec /unreg, and then press ENTER.
    3. Click Start, and then click Run.
    4. In the Open box, type msiexec /regserver, and then press ENTER.

  4. I’m a Carbonite user and I encounter the ‘Error 1310. Error writing to file C:\Config.Msi\XXXX.rbf’ error frequently. I got it today while attempting an Office 2007 Repair–I have been getting odd errors when launching Word and Excel and am wondering whether a repair will help.

    I don’t want to uninstall Carbonite. I temporarily disabled Carbonite and then re-launched the Office 2007 repair. The errors still appeared.

    I tried ACID5HADOW’s suggestion of unregistering and re-registering the Windows Installer. Then I re-launched the Office 2007 repair. The errors still appeared.

    I notice that if I keep pressing Retry, the progress bar moves along and the .RBF filenames change. Besides the annoyance, is there any harm in just continuing to press the Retry button? In other words, in my case does the repair process still succeed?

  5. hey, I don’t have carbonite, however I’m encountering this issue and similar ones alot. suggestion?

  6. in addition to my last statement. I’ve found reference to a need to change permissions on the folder, and uncheck the read-only option. however, whenever I do this, then go back into the properties for the config.msi folder, the read-only option is checked again. so, I reiterate…ideas/suggestions?

  7. Thank you ACiD5HADOW. I don’t have Carbonite, either, and I have been fighting this install problem for hours now. Tried your fix above, and it worked!

  8. Also, some other things I did in addition to doing ACiD5HADOW’s ‘unregistering and re-registering the Windows Installer’ fix on my final successful install:

    + uninstalled and reinstalled Office Pro Plus 2007 (not just repair)
    + deleted and recreated the Config.Msi directory before starting the install
    + continuously removed ‘READ only’ properties of the Config.Msi several times during the install (they keep getting set back), and also added the Everyone user will Full Control for that folder, hitting Apply often.

    To Chris’ comment (above), the problem with continously hitting “Retry” when the access errors come up it that the applications install, but have issues and errors every time they are launched.

  9. Hi.
    I’ve got the same error installing Visual Studio 2005 SP1 on Vista. After testing hints like ‘msiexec /unreg | msiexec /regserver’ without achievment, I tried to another way.
    In some posts on the web there is argued, a windos daemon is re-setting the permissions of ‘Config.Msi’ folder, I went this way:
    – Erase and recreate ‘Config.Msi’ folder
    – In properties of that folder I set a new auditing policy (hope its correct, in german it is called: Überwachungsrichtlinie) in the advanced security tab to observe the permissions.

    I don’t know if the first action (erasing and recreating) fixed ist already. But now VS7 SP1 is correctly installed.

    Good luck!

  10. pronz, can you teach me how to “erase and recreate” the config.msi folder? I have vista too, and nothing comes up when i type in “msexec unreg” so I don’t know how to fix my Error 1310. Error writing to file: C:\Config.Msi\6123ee0.rbf problem!

  11. Wow! Deleting and creating a new Config.Msi worked!!! i’ve been having a heck of a time upgrading my Itunes to the newest version…but that finally did it. Wow. Well, i havent started it yet, but the install completed for the first time and i now have the shortcut on my desktop…so. Ohh and to who was asking, just go to C drive, and there should be a folder if you have your “show all folders” or something setting…you’ll see it. GOod luck.

  12. Thanks – had the same issue with iTunes after installing CrashPlan (another online backup service – presumably it ties up the file in a similar way). Telling CrashPlan to “sleep” fixed it.

    The initial error from the iTunes upgrade was a vague “errors occurred while installing the updates” but while trying to manually install I got the RBF file error.

    • Thanks Marc
      I had the same problem with Itunes and Crashplan running. And I have tried everything until I saw your reply here.

      Sleeping crashplan cured everything 🙂

  13. I too am having this same problem. I have searched for the Config.Msi folder and can not find it. What is the trick to finding this directory in order to try deleting and recreating it.



  14. I am having the same Error 1310 problem in Windows 7 in trying to repair Office 2007, specifically Outlook. I am to the point of reinstalling Office. Any suggestions on how to save my Word settings before I do.

  15. I have had issues trying ot install H&R Block at Home (TaxCut) updates last year and this year. After hours on the phone with H&R block support assuming their programmers didn’t know how to properly write their update for Win 7 and UAC, I read this post about Carboonite. The update installed on the first try after disabling carbonite. I simply turned it off for the install then turned it back on afterwards. Thanks for posting this!

  16. Thanks for all the comments. I notice that lots of people spoke of issues with carbonite and though I don’t run it I do use Mozy and GenieTimeline which both do similar backup things.

    My solution was.

    1. type msconfig into the start menu
    2. go to startup tab and deselect everything so that no app startup (how I killed the auto backup apps)
    3. download fresh copy of iTunes from apple
    4. run as admin

    Now don’t forget to go back into the msconfig and add the items you need to start at computer load like your virus program and backup stuff.

  17. Thanks for this thread. I disabled carbonite infoCenter in msconfig startup and also ran services.msc and disabled and stopped CarboniteService. Rebooted and voila! no more error writing to config.msi\xxxx.rbf!
    Also computer booted faster.
    Carbonite site has no support link and no where to see what updates they may have.

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  19. Same issue with “Memeo AutoBackup” run “net stop BMUService” install program. then run “net start BMUService”

  20. Thank you thank you thank you – if only I had found this three hours ago!

    Don’t have Carbonite but unistalled iDrive and all is now well – I was unable to download the latest iTunes but now it is all done and working well.

    Am always so grateful that people take time to post on forums like this when I have a tech issue.

  21. Been around this block a million times – if you have idrive online back up installed you need to use serrvices.msc to stop it, then run the i-tunes installer – worked for me. Big thx

  22. You wonderful people! I have been battling with the loading of CoreDraw onto my laptop for 2 months and have tried some of the solutions without success (such as the unregistering and re-registering of Installer). Also had the problem with config.msi applying read only attributes after I had removed them, etc. Having read the above I have uninstalled iDrive and deleted/recreated Config.msi…Success! Thank you so much.

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