I have recently found an online backup software called Carbonite. Carbonite is a useful tool that offers unlimited online space as a means of backing up your machine online. for $49.95 per year this is an attractive offer but unfortunately there are flaws in the software, you are unable to schedule backup times i.e. during the evening, you are able to make it use a low bandwidth option but I wanted the option to be able to do an evening backup so as to be able to use it in a business environment.

It does have good use of compression, I marked 90 GB of data for upload and it managed to compress this to 26 GB that is an amazing compression ratio.

Unfortunately my trial had to come to an abrupt end due to the endless problems installing other programs such as office 2007 and Adobe Master Collection, both of these problems are documented on this site.

My Conclusion

It is a great piece of software for the price and with the offer of unlimited space this is unrivalled. but the major problems it causes lets it down massively, if you are going to be using this software don’t enter into this lightly if you are not an experienced user it could cause more harm than good and from something that is supposed to give peace of mind, that for me is a big irony.

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