Broadband Speedtest

The following diagnostic tests will help you test your internet connection of its download speed & provide additional information to our on site engineers if you are experiencing certain types of problems with your internet service.

Internet connection speed test

The following links allow you to test the speed at which you can download content over your internet connection. Click on a link below and save the file to disk when prompted by your browser.

File download size Minimum download time expected @ 500kbit/s
Small (5 Mbytes) 1 minute 45 seconds
Medium (10 Mbytes) 3 minutes
Large (15 Mbytes) 4 minutes 30 seconds

Broadband video streaming

From 1 April 2004, we will no longer be streaming video from our own servers. If you are interested in testing your broadband connection for video streaming, we recommend you visit which will allow you to test using the Real Media format.

One thought on “Broadband Speedtest

  1. I tried the Large (15Mbytes) test and it took 9.5 seconds.
    I am on NTL @ 20 MB
    I ALWAYS get 20 MB on My broadband.
    I would NEVER touch ADSL from a BT line.

    Cable is the only way to get true broadband speed.
    If you are in a cabled area – dump BT and go NTL. (now virgin)

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